The M8-Bit Podcast Episode #7 – Call Of Pooty: Black Plops

Welcome once more, ladies and gentlemen, to the latest installment of the ever-popular M8-Bit podcast.

Listen for your almost-fortnightly-but-not-quite dose of barely coherent gaming natter, including Sam’s new favourite franchise, Phil’s interpretation of The Stanley Parable and Faz’s rekindled love affair with Christopher Nolan.

And as if that wasn’t tempting enough, for this week’s ‘Pun Up’ we go back to primary school for a series of insanely immature (read “rib-ticklingly hilarious”) bathroom based (read “mostly toilet focussed”) gaming puns.

It really is top quality banter.

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Intro/outro track is ‘Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden)’ used under Creative Commons license and taken from the EP ‘Gas Powered’ by Kubbi. Get it via Bandcamp now: