M8-Bit Episode #4 – To Kill A Flappy Bird

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the undeniably unexpected fourth episode of the M8-Bit Podcast! Yeah, we have no idea how we’ve managed it this far either.

This week, Faz goes on an angry, nerdy rant about angry nerds, Dave hates on Magicarp Jump, Sam does an impeccable impression of Donald Trump/The Godfather and Phil doesn’t know what Matthew McConnaughey sounds like (the shame of it all).

Listen now for more of the usual nonsense.

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Intro/outro track is ‘Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden)’ used under Creative Commons license and taken from the EP ‘Gas Powered’ by Kubbi. Get it via Bandcamp now: kubbi.bandcamp.com/album/gas-powered-ep